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Melanie Ball (left) and friends return from a walk. Thanks for the fab’ Age article Melanie!
1st pink post
Four generations of Treasure Hunters

The Jennings family trial the Treasure Hunt for Family Capers



Fin on the hunt.
Ella, Di and Fin

On 11/10/2011, at 10:43 PM,  Jodie wrote:

Hi Brendan,

A quick note to say thanks for hosting my family event at Lake Daylesford on Saturday, everyone had fun, including the 5 year old.
Some interest was shown by the group in looking up similar-type events in other parts of the state/country.



Thanks for the feedback Jodie.
Your family were good sports and lots of fun. Great to see that your family has the ‘bug’.

As I can tell the Secret Forest Walks GPS Treasure Hunt at Lake Daylesford is the only one of its kind.

We do have a number of other games designed for Team building activities and they could be adapted for keen Treasure Hunters.

All the best